Ways to Improve Your Eyelash Growth

Lengthening Eyelashes

A lot of women have this fixation on long eyelashes. It is because long eyelashes are associated with beauty and femininity. Women have this concept that long eyelashes make a woman more attractive.

And it is true. The eyes are one of the most looked at feature of the face. They can express more than what we can say and do. They enhance the eyes and the face. No wonder women are so hooked with various eyelash growth products.

For women who have naturally think and long lashes, you are lucky. And for those who were not blessed with this, well, there are many ways to speed up your eyelash growth so you can finally have that most desired thick and long lashes.

The following are some ways on how to improve your eyelash growth:

  • Using eyelash enhancers

These are over the counter products which you can use to promote your eyelash growth. But don’t just get any eyelash enhancer that is available. Make sure to choose a great quality eyelash growth product that will give you a long lasting effect.

This is because some brands have this short-lived effect – long and great looking lashes at first and then eventually becoming dry and dull. Moreover, be careful with products with damaging side effects. You don’t want your eyelids to suffer from eyelash loss do you?

  • Applying moisturizer

Eyelashes are still hairs that need moisturizing and conditioning. Just like how you protect your hair by using conditioners, you also need to protect your lashes from damage by using moisturizers and conditioners.

Moisturizers soften and strengthen the eyelash preventing breakages. So in a matter of weeks, you can already see your lashes growing thick and strong.

  • Keep your lashes hydrated

Hydration will help promote the growth of your eyelashes by preventing drying up and breaking so they can reach their full length. Give your lashes the hydration it needs by drinking lots of water having at least 8 glasses per day.

  • Nourish your lashes with the right vitamins and minerals.

One way of naturally promoting the growth of your lashes is to nourish them with the appropriate vitamins and minerals. A healthy and balanced diet is the key to making your lashes thick and long.

Increase your intake of vitamin E, B3 and H because they stimulate the growth of cells and hair. Moreover, they help in strengthening your lashes so they can be able to withstand damaging environmental factors.

  • Fake it

If you want fast and immediate long lashes, there are many ways to fake it. Make them appear thicker and longer by using eyeliner, mascara and eyelash curler. Ensure that you get a quality product so they won’t wear out easily.

Furthermore, make sure that these cosmetic are properly applied to make it appear almost natural. Another option is to use fake eyelashes. This is usually performed by a skilled professional.

And if you are so fervent to have those long lashes, a more intense procedure is available. That is having them surgically implanted. But this option needs careful thinking. You should know its pros and cons.

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